Lady Gaga

Lady gaga, everyone knows when you say her name who she is, she's mostly famous about her looks and her always platform heel-less boots she's wearing,... I'm not a fan of her but I think Lady Gaga is a great artist, if you hear one of her songs it keeps staying in your mind, her videoclips are sometimes spectacular, i really have so much respect for this woman, she dresses her up like no-one else ever dares too, and she's not hiding her for anybody, she's just Lady Gaga, and i admire her.

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Lady Gaga Falls @ airport Heatrow

Lady gaga as we know her, weares thigh-high black leather chaps and platform heel-less boots she fellt, she's was a victim of her own fashion-boots, see this picture that's going round the internet,

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Adam Lambert

i like his clothes and hair on this pic.

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