Kristen Stewart

Robert Pattinson

I love this photo of him.

So, that was my last for today! (: i'm going to sleep now, bye!

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New Haircut

There are new pictures of Kristen Stewart, and she has a new haircut en colour, i think she looks AMAZING! I love it! (: Gere are some pic i just edited,


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Whiii xD

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Stew pics

Which Pic do you think is the most beautiful pic of these 3?




Mine is the third :D

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'The twilight-saga: Eclipse' (World-Premier)

Friday in Amerika in Los Angeles, the third movie from the 'Twilight-Saga' had his premier there, the whole cast was there and there are so many beautiful pictures. All the acteurs looked pretty an I can't wait until next week, because next wee on june the 30th Eclipse will have his premier here in Belgium. Ashley Greene & Xavier Samuel will come here to promote the movie, but i can't go it's really stupid because there aren't many actours who come here in this little country, but I won't cry to you guys about that. Instead of that I will put some pics about the premier, there are pics from Kristen & Robert who look totally in love at eachother, I think it's the most cute hollywood-couple Ever.





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