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i LOVE to edit pictures :D So there will be many picture spams on my blog, but i guess you don't mind xD

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I'm awake for a couple of hours now but  couldn't go on the internet because i had to synchronize my sis her mp4. I tried a million times and it wouldn't work Oo Then i realized that there were 2 cables in the box when she bought it, so the whole time i was trying with the wrong cable Oo and finnaly it worked now, that was about the time because it was becoming crazy Oo I don't know if i will posting many things today because i'm going home, to my mum today, (yeah my parents are deforced about 15years or something) when i'm with my mum i don't go often on my computer so, maybe i wll sometimes have the time to post a pic or something i don't know yet, we will see xp

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Rock, pop, hip hop, ...

Like my blog name says, i'm really a music-freak. One day without my ipod I won't survive. Really. Music is my drug. I think music is a beautiful way to express or share your feelings with each other, I don't like all kindes of music but it's not just one specifiek choice of music, i like rock, hard core, screamo, RnB, pop, even some classic songs from the twilight-movies. Mostly when i listen to songs, the first i'm concetrade on is the lyrics, songs without a message aren't really things I like. My top 5 of my favorite songs at this moment (it chances allmost everyday :p) is :

1. Tokio Hotel - World Behind My Wall
2. Silbermond - Symphonie
3. Justin Bieber - Somebody To Love
4. Miley Cyrus - Take Me Along
5. Killerpilze - Am Meer

And You? Which song(s) so you really think are awesome at this moment? Or a song that you can't stop listening to? Write it down in a comment, and so I know to if there's anybody reading my blog

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You're maybe asking yourself why i'm writing all this, that it isn't interesting or something. Well, I Will Tell you, i'm learning for juwelery at school but i'm not liking it, so I thought ones what I loved to do an I had an idea, Later when i finished school I will go to a universiry for studying for 'journalist' so I have to learn write text and all, so why won't i write my feelings down on a blog? I'm not good yet, but I will learn it, I will stand open for new things and learn things.

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This is just for trying out how i have to work with this. I wanne try some things first because i don't know how i can do a couple of things, and i will need a little time for figuring out (:

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