Tokio Hotel

Sorry xd

I had to put this picture on my blog because Tom looks so gorgeous on it, (I gues that isn't a good excuse because he always looks good xd)


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'Durch Den Monsun'

I still here the first music notes on my televison screen, from the first moment i heard 'Durch Den Monsun' i felt in love, this was a great band. I didn't knew anything about them at that moment, i didn't know who they were, but even if it was the first time that I saw them, from that moment on, and it's still there, I had a overflow of love in my heart. Now they're a part of me. I could not imagine how my life would be without them, if I never knew them, it would be weird. Because they inspiring my life, every choice i have to make, everything i think about, every word I say, all stands in shadow of meaning by 'Tokio Hotel'. They are my source for living. They make living here possible, with them I live in my own world, because in the real world I would not survive, I didn't fit here, but now they're here and I don't have to lie anymore. Before Tokio Hotel people asked me often if i was happy, or was something wrong with me, I always awnserd 'Ofcourse i'm happy, and there's nothing, i'm just looking like that all the time...' But now i won't have to lie about it, i have something to hold on to, to relie on, somehing that gives me things to look forward to, now I can be happy, They make me happy, Now somedays i can't stop smiling, They are a part of me, they were, are and will always be my heroes.

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How gorgeous can you be

I just found an old pic from Bill. A pic in black/white, i love pictures like that, a close-up from his face. Look at his eyes, the perfect skin. It's really impossible that this boy is real. The 25th of February this year, i've won a M&G with them, it was really amazing, it was like I could touch heaven, or I was maybe in heaven because there was an angel near to me, I will always keep those memories..

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