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Missing the concertfeelings.

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14-04-10 Bercy, Paris

14.04.10 @ Tokio Hotel concert in Paris, it was abouy 20 more minutes to go for the start of the concert i think, i saw on my right all girls pointing @ 3 men, (one looked like taylor lautner xd -that was Andreas-) i tought what the hell is special bout those men, are they some famous french-band or what and then they passed for my eyes and i saw it, they were David Jost, Gordon & Andreas, and they were passing in front of me, IN FRONT OF ME, i think it wasn’t even 30cm far from me Oo And i was so excited that i wanted to take some pics but my cam blocked and the moment he finally tooked a picture David turns him away Oo But i saw them with my eyes and thats the most important :D

Ow and before the concert, when we were still waiting outside, Yvi was there, the famous Bill-look-like from Germany, she looked amazing, everyone wanted a picture with her, i wasn't close enough for a picture with her.

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Looking @ him, is like dreaming with your eyes open ♥

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Look @ him, you'll know why i adore him.

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So, yesterday i had my first bad comment, and it is (like i already tought) on a pic from Bill. I'm really not interested what the haters are thinking about Tokio Hotel or there fans, i don't answer to them anymore, but now i wanna say just 1 more time what i think about you, and i gonna say my meaning but with respect to you. Because i hate it when people don't have respect tot eachother. I know that Bill looks like a girl, but that's what he loves to look like, he's just doing what he wants and there aren't many people who dare to do that, so i think you have to look up on him, because he doesn't care what all of you are saying about him like he says himself 'i don't care about haters, they keep Tokio Hotel beeing famous..' So maybe you have to think about that, you maybe don't like Tokio Hotel or hate them and that isn't wrong everybody in this world can choose about the things he wants to, but the thing that's really bothering me is, you don't like them but you're giving all this attention to hem? Why? You make facebook-group to connect haters and stuff but whit what reason? Don't you have anyone YOU LIKE/LOVE? Or don't you haven't to do anything in your life, you're always saying to the fans get a life, but look who needs to get a life? We have someone we look up to, and i'm sure that you have someone like that to, will you like it when we would always make fun of them, make them look ridicolous? I don't think so, so i hope that one day you will stop beeing interested in what happens with Tokio Hotel and there fans, Let us doing what we want, do something with people you like, or don't you have enough attention or friends? And you're all saying that Bill is gay, i'm gonna be honest sometimes i think that too, but you know what I DON'T CARE, he's my hero and gay or not he will never be mine, and i don't want him to be mine, my wish is to know him as a friend and him beeing gay that wouldn't chance anything what i think about him, i'm fan for who he is not what he's doing, really i won't believe that he's gay untill he says it self to his fans, maybe in the beginning it will be a little schock but i will always love him, and be a fan of Tokio Hotel, he's the best singer with a great voice, all the songs from Tokio Hotel are great, but that's my meaning, so maybe you don't think like that but that's not bad at all.

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They need you!

My friends have a Tokio Hotel team, named 'TokioHotelWorldTeam'. They need members and you can help them! Send an email @ with your full name, date of birth, country and email. We would apreciate it if you could help us! Send that mail en show some love for Tokio Hotel! Tell this to all your Tokio Hotel-friends it's for all the fans all over the world! Please (:

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I've been to 2 concerts from the humanoid-tour. 25/02/10 in Brussels, Belgium and 14/04/10 in Paris, France, Both concerts were great! I could be myself there, Thank You Tokio Hotel for the awesome Humanoid-tour and I hope I can see you back again soon! (I love this pic)


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