'The Man Without A Face'

I just watched a movie on tv. An old one, but i never saw him before. It's one from 1993, 'The Man without A Face' with Mel Gibson. It was a good movie, one with a sort of message, it's about a men who has got an accident an de half from his face is burned, the most of the people are looking at him and do only see the scarfs, but one boy, named nordfurdt, doesn't see the scarfs anymore, it is a beautiful story, and it reminds me of the world we live in, everyone see's only how people look, if you aren't pretty enough or you have scarfs or something they don't look further, it's so that only the beautiful people can be popular and are great but they don't look inside, i can't accept that everything is about how people look like, look further than what you see with your eyes, there are so many beautiful things you will discover.


28.6.10 17:04


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