14-04-10 Bercy, Paris

14.04.10 @ Tokio Hotel concert in Paris, it was abouy 20 more minutes to go for the start of the concert i think, i saw on my right all girls pointing @ 3 men, (one looked like taylor lautner xd -that was Andreas-) i tought what the hell is special bout those men, are they some famous french-band or what and then they passed for my eyes and i saw it, they were David Jost, Gordon & Andreas, and they were passing in front of me, IN FRONT OF ME, i think it wasn’t even 30cm far from me Oo And i was so excited that i wanted to take some pics but my cam blocked and the moment he finally tooked a picture David turns him away Oo But i saw them with my eyes and thats the most important :D

Ow and before the concert, when we were still waiting outside, Yvi was there, the famous Bill-look-like from Germany, she looked amazing, everyone wanted a picture with her, i wasn't close enough for a picture with her.

27.6.10 23:16


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