Hello everyone!

My name is Aferdita, i'm 17 and from Belgium. I'm gonna write in English so the most of you will understand what i'm saying here. I'm a fan from Tokio Hotel, They're more than just a band. Bill kaulitz is my hero ♥ I really adore him, i adore him for the person he is, he keeps doing what he wants even if there are so many people who don't understand him. I'm not IN love with him, i just love him ♥ He keeps amazing me, he's the most adorable person in the world. I can't understand how there's so many hate about him, he want's just to do what he wants to, and for so far I know that isn't a crime. The best actress ever is Kristen Stewart, i think it's funny how she can put such faces or how she can't say a word, she's great! I started this blog because i love writing, and i wanna share things that i think are intresting, the most of the tim i will post things about Tokio Hotel, so if you don't like them I think it may be better for you and I that you close the window now (: And to the others, i hope you enjoy it like the way i do,

Alter: 25

Ich mag diese...

Musiker: Tokio Hotel
Miley Cyrus
Lady Gaga
Escape The Fate
Filme: Twilght-saga
The notebook
Schauspieler: Kristen Stewart
Autoren: Stephenie Meyer

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