Where we come from and what we do, does not determine who we are or what we will become.

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Heey, Here i'm back, ready to post new pic's and stuff, i know it's been a while, sorry! (:

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I'm going home now, so i will not posting things for a while! Bye! (:

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Robert Pattinson

I love this photo of him.

So, that was my last for today! (: i'm going to sleep now, bye!

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New Haircut

There are new pictures of Kristen Stewart, and she has a new haircut en colour, i think she looks AMAZING! I love it! (: Gere are some pic i just edited,


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Robert Pattinson -

"..I hate my name. I hate any reference to my name. I wish people would completely invent a new one.."

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Kristen Stewart -

"I dont want to make movies for kids, I dont want to make movies for adults either."

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